What is your land worth? 



Clifford Barnes inform clients how to maximise land value by providing carefully researched and professional advice. 
The best returns are typically achieved by obtaining planning permission to develop on land. 
So whether the land already has planning consent or no planning history at all, Clifford Barnes will be able to confirm the land value under current market conditions. 

Valuations take into account a variety of factors, including but not limited to: 

Proposed New Home Prices 
Build Costs 
Planning & Survey Costs 
Highways & Access 
Utilities & Services 
CIL and Stamp Duty 
Affordable Housing 
S106 Contributions 
Finance Costs 
Legal Fees 
These key elements are then put into context with the market conditions and level of demand for the type and location of the development opportunity. 
This determines the land valuation. 

How do you sell your land for the best price? 

Disposal Options 

Clifford Barnes recognise that every client has unique needs and every property is different. Landowners are usually faced with various options and questions about the best route to take. Clifford Barnes can help you avoid making costly mistakes. 

Already have planning permission? 

That’s great news. Now you want to sell for the best price to suit your timescales. 
Contrary to what you might think, putting up a For Sale board does not necessarily achieve the best results. Whilst this gives the property exposure, serious developers are often wary of spending time and resources on opportunities that will attract interest from unreliable buyers who don’t know what they’re doing. 
Developers look for land opportunities that are qualified and dependable. Clifford Barnes work constantly with an extensive network of local, regional and national developers to deliver successful projects. 
We also know that developers have different requirements, business models and what type of sites suit their eye. 
Clifford Barnes are therefore perfectly placed to sell your land 
for the best price 
to a reliable buyer 
to suit your timescales 

No planning permission? 

Achieving planning permission can be difficult with many hurdles. 
Success often requires experience, tenacity and significant financial resources. 
Most landowners are unaware of the costs and risk associated with gaining planning permission which can add up to 10s and sometimes 100s of thousands of pounds. 
If you are comfortable with the cost and risk, Clifford Barnes are more than happy to support you with our Land Consultancy resources. 
If not, Clifford Barnes can select the best developer to work with from our extensive network. The developer will then bear the risk and cost of the planning process. 
It is critical that we collaborate with developers who are knowledgeable, well resourced, and have already demonstrated their ability to perform. 
Cost and risk are minimised – value and success are maximised. 
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